There are four values which are fundamental to us and the Global Gap certification, which we have held for a good number of years, bears witness to our efforts to preserve them.

All our efforts are concentrated on the search for optimal quality and freshness: from plantation to the shipping of the finished product.

Thanks to our heating system, our asparagus and rhubarb are of a highly consistent quality. Our clients can count on this consistency of presentation, taste and tenderness.

Once the harvest is finished, we concentrate our attention on the care of the plantations and on irrigation.

We do everything in our possibility to satisfy our French, European and Asian clients. A strong commercial relationship based on confidence and partnership.
We cultivate 20 hectares along the Loire river. This modest size allows maximum attention to our production thanks to our familiarity with the land. Much of the work is done manually (harvest, part of the weeding, etc…).

We practice sustainable agriculture based on respect for the environment and an enduring relationship with the natural surroundings.

All our actions are sustainable with an underlying, close observation of the plant, its physiology and and the environment (weather conditions and threshold levels of parasites, fot example). We use primarily mechanical weeding. Green waste compost and manure are used extensively. Our drip irrigation is controlled thanks to humidity sensors installed in the fields.

The underground heating network we use helps cool the water before it returns to the Loire river, thus contributing to the protection of the environment.

We analyse our produce each year and no residue of phyosanitary products is detected.